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Gensun Casual Living Outdoor Kitchens

In the past, building an outdoor kitchen was an involved process requiring construction, too much time and too much money. But now, thanks to Gensun Outdoor Kitchens, completing your outdoor room is a breeze.

Gensun Outdoor Kitchens are designed to fit with ease and elegance into virtually any outdoor room. And, with Gensun’s coordinated furniture creating a beautiful, functional outdoor room has never been easier.

Easy assembly makes Gensun Outdoor Kitchens the most affordable choice for any outdoor kitchen project. With just three basic tools and a few hours time you can enjoy the beauty, quality and superior craftsmanship of this latest innovation from Gensun, one of the most respected names in the outdoor furnishings industry.

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Fit Virtually Anywhere

No Costly Site Modifications
No Additional Construction

Customizable Options

Various Space Plans
Multiple Grill and Appliance Configurations
Numerous Cabinet Options
Limitless Custom Finish Combinations

Quick & Easy Installation

No Special Skills
No Special Tools

Online Space Planning Tool

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