Project Description

Over the past fifty years, Henri Studio has become synonymous with excellence
in cast stone fountains, statuary and garden décor. Acclaimed worldwide, Henri
sets the benchmark for innovative concepts and premium products in a category,
which it virtually created.
Season after season, our flow of original designs in fountains and garden decor
has energized the Henri brand. From classic to contemporary, Henri creations
are sculpted with an eye for detail and a time-tested sensibility.
The artisan’s touch shapes every Henri creation. Each piece is poured by hand
in the tradition of meticulous Old World craftsmanship, complemented by our
rich, trend-setting finishes. Our fountains are expertly engineered and all Henri
products are skillfully made in America.
The result is an evolving legacy of beauty. Henri fountains and garden décor
continue to enhance distinctive homes and landscapes around the world, adding
elegance and enjoyment to your outdoor living experience.
Creativity and quality are our passions. And with Henri fountains and garden
décor, beauty and elegance are yours to enjoy now, and for years to come.