Water leaks in spa/hot tub plumbing are troublesome and sometimes expensive to repair. With FIX-A-LEAK the repair cost can be minimal by following the bottle instructions.

FIX-A-LEAK Required Amounts:

Minor drips or leaks usually require less product (8 ounce bottle)

Depending on the severity of the leak, a 32 ounce bottle may be required. This would allow you to begin by using 1/3 of the bottle initially and if more product is required you can add the additional amounts.

Repair Steps:

Determine water loss in a 24 hour period by measuring the water level drop in that period and select the amount of FIX-A-LEAK required.

Fill spa/hot tub to the original level and mark the water line.

Remove filter cartridge or other filtering devices. For sand filters, place the filter valve on Recirculate.

Ensure to shake bottle well. Note: Placing the bottle into a container of hot water, prior to shaking, will ensure product is properly mixed.

With pump(s) running, slowly add the FIX-A-LEAK through the skimmer or in front of any suction intake.

Recirculate continuously for 6-8 hours then shut system off.

Check water level the following day.

If level remains the same, the leak has stopped.

Allow 48 hours before resuming operation

We recommend NOT using the spa until the leak is fixed and the remainder of FIX-A-LEAK is either filtered or drained from the spa/hot tub.

If the leak has slowed but not totally stopped, you may add more FIX-A-LEAK to increase the strength of solution already in the spa/hot tub. You can then repeat steps 5-8 to further seal. IMPORTANT: Before doing so, stir the FIX-A-LEAK in the spa/hot tub with a soft broom to get existing solution back into suspension.


Normally, FIX-A-LEAK will seal holes as large as 1/8 inches in diameter.

The product requires pressure to ensure it is impacted into the area of the leak.

Leaks created by a crack in the pipe, in all probability, will be sealed. However, the leak may re-occur due to vibration, which in turn, will migrate in size re-creating the leak. Also, what may occur over time is that, the expansion and contraction of the pipe may break the seal. In either case, a manual repair may be required.

Most spa/hot tubs are foam insulated and, when saturated with water, will greatly delay the cure time of FIX-A-LEAK. It would be best to drain the spa/hot tub and immediately wipe down the shell surface with a damp cloth to remove any residual of FIX-A-LEAK. Allow 3-5 days before refilling. In most cases, this will allow the product to cure.

Even if the foam insulation looks dry on the outside, the interior of the foam will remain wet or damp for many months.

In most cases, FIX-A-LEAK should be effective in sealing your leak for 1–2 years.

Additional Notes:

We do not recommend draining the spa/hot tub with prolonged freezing weather. If not drained properly, in all probability, you will end up with a cracked pipe causing a bigger problem.

We would suggest filtering out the product with your cartridge filter. Run the spa/hot tub for a few hours then remove the cartridge filter and immediately rinse with warm or hot water to remove any FIX-A-LEAK residue.

Repeat this procedure a few times to ensure the product is removed from the spa/hot tub.

This should get you through the winter with a 4-6 month seal.

The treatment may have to be repeated in warmer weather when you can safely drain the spa/hot tub.