This award-winning rib rub is formulated lower in salt, so it can be applied generously. Once your ribs are tender, glaze them with pure maple syrup and add a dusting of Rib Formula. No need for sauce! Rib Formula is also a proven winner with pork belly, chicken wings, and thighs. This product welcomes the addition of sweet, spicy, and espresso grounds.  The Cluck & Squeal website features recipes that expand the use of this product – pork ribs are just the beginning!

Try it with chicken thighs and wings! Coat/rub the chicken liberally and allow the spices to fuse with the meat for a minimum of 1-2 hours prior to cooking. Remember, this formula is low in salt. If you find your chicken is shy in flavour then touch it up with sea salt.

WE LOVE IT ON: Pork Ribs & Belly, Chicken, Fish (thin fillays like trout), Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetables, Potatoes, Soups & Stews especially coconut based, Dips, complements amazingly with sweet (designed especially to pair with maple syrup) & heat, and much, much more.