Product Description

Pool Marvel

Pool Marvel contains a proprietary blend of natural enzymes that are derived from plant extracts.

Pool Marvel’s enzymes break down body oils, lotions, cosmetics, urine and other organics that contribute to problems with water chemistry. It naturally removes scum lines and biofilm and helps to maintain pH and alkalinity and inhibit the growth of algae.

Naturally Conditions Pool Water

· Helps to improve water clarity and quality

· Helps to maintain pH and alkalinity levels

· Dramatically reduces pool maintenance

· Enhances chemical treatments

· No more scum lines



1. One capful (3.5oz) treats up to 20,000 US gallons of pool water per week.

2. Mix the required amount in a bucket of pool water and disperse the mixture evenly around the pool.

3. Monitor the filter pressure 2 hours after application of Pool Marvel.

4. Repeat the application once per week during pool season.

5. Double the dosage amount when closing and opening a pool for the season.

6. Do NOT mix directly with other chemicals.

7. Apply when water temperature is between 54-86 degrees Farenheit.

8. Use sanitizer as required.